Published 24 March 2015

Tracey "Miz-Tee" Habron TEDxDocklands Licensee here, I write this as I'm sitting in the Qantas lounge at Los Angeles airport having attended a week of TEDActive, themed Truth and Dare. TED takes place in Vancouver while TEDActive is held at Whistler. It's a more relaxed event. We've a lot of beanbags to lounge on if you don't fancy sitting on a couch or chair. At TED, they sit in chairs…it comes across as more formal and a bit more 'serious'. TEDActive is more fun.

While TED hosts around 1300 people, TEDActive hosts around 650 people. It's the event that most organisers choose to attend – usually over 300 of us from over 60 countries. We connect, talk about our events, what works, what doesn't, we share, we learn.

It's interesting to see the different directions that events take. Smaller events wanting to grow bigger – large events scaling back to more intimate spaces. Over the past 18 months I've attended 10 TEDx events and the ones I loved the most were the smaller events – especially the start ups – the first event for that area.

As an introvert I'm overwhelmed by large crowds which makes attending an event like TEDActive a huge energy management project for me. The days are full and long – many talk sessions, lunches, teas and after parties…..There're workshops during the breaks, TED Fellows talks before the event starts, TED University during the event – you could do 18 hours of TED a day. 

I think I'd die if I attended everything. OK. I wouldn't die but I would miss the opportunities to connect face to face. I aim to attend 50% of the talks and always continue a good face to face conversation regardless of what TED talks are happening. I can always see them on video later but I can't connect with someone on video later.

I've become an expert at being seen at everything but sometimes I'm only there for 30 minutes before heading back to the sanctuary of some quiet space. Those of you who are introverts or highly sensitive people are nodding in sympathy right now! I favour meeting a few new people and getting to know them instead of running about frantically meeting a whole lot of people but not understanding who they are.

My introversion and my personal preference has meant that I chose to keep TEDxDocklands to be a small event even though my licence qualifies me to have an event with as many people as I choose. I wanted to create the smaller space for those of us who don't handle crowds as well as some other people. If you are an introvert, you'll enjoy our up coming May event more than the larger events.

Our email list gets first notification when ticket sales go live in a few weeks so make sure you join it.

If you don't know the difference between introverts and extroverts, the basic 'rule' is that extroverts are energised by being with people while introverts are drained. We definitely aren'y shy. This Susan Cain TED talk with over 10 million views explains it well. I highly recommend her book 'Quiet – The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking'. It changed my life.

Not sure if you are an introvert of an extrovert? Try this profiling tool. Totally free – you don't even need to provide and email address!

Looking forward to seeing you at our event.

TEDxDocklands MizTee Signoff

Published 18 January 2015

TEDxDocklands Melbourne large banner logo

New Year, New Name: TEDxSpringStreet is now TEDxDocklands. But don't worry, this is all that's changing from your newest TEDx team in Melbourne.

We'd like to tell you why we'll now be known as TEDxDocklands. Leading up to our launch party last year, we suspected our former name (TEDxSpringStreet) wasn't the best of choices. Yes, we hosted the launch party under that name and 100 very interesting and intelligent people attended. From conversation, we quickly knew our choice of name was not what we'd intended. TEDxSpringStreet was being confused with politics. People were asking us to post political information to the TEDxSpringStreet community, which would have immediately resulted in TED revoking the license.

As you know, our initial event venue closed down. Undeterred, we sought another only to find most venues charged an arm and a leg. Someone suggested another venue, in a different location. We looked and it couldn't be more TED-like: perfectly community-focussed whilst leading the way in technology and design.

In February we'll send our newsletter to you from our new TEDxDocklands address, so update your contact lists. We'll also tell you more about the venue. Meanwhile, speakers are working on their talks and we're discussing food options and awesome entertainment. Our first event will still take place on the 3 May. If you've not reserved the date, we encourage you to do so because six weeks before the event, we'll be releasing tickets.
MizTee and the team at TEDxDocklands

These are our top three TEDxDocklands January themed TEDxTalks

Trouble sticking to New Year's resolution? - Forget big change, start with a tiny habit: BJ Fogg at TEDxFremont

It really couldn't hurt to have more of this in the world of 2015 - How to start an empathy revolution: Roman Krznaric at TEDxAthens

January is also hosts the "no pants subway ride" This is the guy behind it - Charlie Todd at TEDxBloomington

Published 16 December 2014

TEDxSpringStreet December newsletter

Season's greetings from TEDxSpringStreet

It's that time of year—a merry-go-round of Christmas parties, catch-ups and buying presents. But TEDxSpringStreet does things differently. Our team will be celebrating 'Welcome Back' in January where we'll toast 2014 and look toward a new year of bringing you fantastic adventures. 

It's been a big year for us. In May, we formed TEDxSpringStreet and in Septemberhosted our launch party. We've been meeting fortnightly since then to develop ideas for our first event. We've been selecting speakers, developing their talks, contacting partners (if you're an organisation that would like to get involved drop us a line) as well as securing the most wonderful venue. We get tingles thinking about how it's all starting to come together.

Our team members have also visited TEDx's in Hobart, Vancouver, Sydney, Bali,Canberra and Christchurch to see how other TEDx's stage their events. We've linked to each event's TEDxTalk playlist above, see if you can watch all 58 videos.

Being part of the organising team contributes hugely to personal growth. Why don't you come join us for 2015? Fill out our volunteer form and join our adventure, or if you know someone, forward this email to them.

We'll have some very big news for you in our January 2015 newsletter. Until then, be happy, be safe and have a wonderful festive season wherever you are. 

TEDxDocklands MizTee Signoff
MizTee and the team at TEDxSpringStreet

These are our top three TEDxSpringStreet picks of the festive themed TEDxTalks

For the Cosmologist at the Christmas table - The Christmas tree and the universe: Richard Easther at TEDxAuckland

For the socially responsible person in your life - Christmas is an arms race: Georgine Getty at TEDxXavierUniversity

Because it's got balls in the title - Story of the lighted Christmas balls: Justin Smith at TEDxGreensboro

Published 18 November 2014

TEDxSpringStreet November newsletter

Tracey and Lynne from TEDxDocklands meet in front of TEDxChristchurch's Big Red X

We've been quiet since our September launch–there's a lot of TEDx activity at at this time of year and we thought you didn't need more emails – but now's the time to say hello again and update you what we've been up to. 

Right after the launch Tracey, our licensee, visited TEDxUbud. Having attended many events over the years, she reckons this is one of THE best. The venue is one of the top 14 in the world of TEDx and a few of us are thinking of going next year. 

October saw some of our team travel to TEDxCanberra while Lynne, our Front of House lead attended TEDxMelbourne. It's wonderful to be able to watch and listen to talks instead of running about crazily ensuring our event goes according to plan. Well it never goes according to plan but most of the time you don't know that! 

Tracey and Lynne have just returned from TEDxChristchurch in New Zealand, and the regional organisers workshop, which saw organisers from 10 other events come together to share ideas and connect. As Tracey commented, "What Christchurch has achieved in a city devastated by an earthquake is astounding. The people here are inspiring and the innovations and ideas they're generating make this a city to be watched. Christchurch has seized the opportunity to redefine their community and their culture and it's worth a visit to see the juxtaposition of the destruction and the construction."

TEDxSpringStreet 2015: Together

Now that we have updated you on the world of TEDx, we are a bit excited to let you know about our first event to showcase our values: inspiring local change through ideas worth sharing. We were planning for February, but with our venue closing, in true TED-spirit, we went out and found the perfect place. We aren't revealing the venue as yet (we are planning a fun reveal in the new year and it is very much aligned to our values) but we can tell you the event will be on Sunday the 3rd of May – so go to your calendar now and put in the date. You won't want to be booking in something else in by mistake. Six months isn't a long time to stage a TEDx event, so we're going to be working very hard until then, and we could really do with your help.

Volunteer for TEDxSpringStreet in 2015

We appreciate enthusiasm and are always excited to meet prospective volunteers – people who want to step up, be part of a team and make a difference. While we're always on the look out for general help, sometimes we need help from those with specific skills. Like those who can donate their time to, and spread, or teach, their expertise within our public relations group and with web administration (HTML, CSS with SEO, web marketing). We're also on the look out for communications generalists, speaker coaches and partnership managers.

If this is you, fill out our volunteer form and join our adventure, or if you know someone, forward this email to them.

The team at TEDxSpringStreet

Published 9 September 2014

This is TEDxSpringStreet: Launch Party

To those of you that braved an evening that was anything but spring, we thank you. We thank you for your time, your input and your conversation. We introduced ourselves, our plan, our mantra and you responded positively to our direction.

So what comes next. We're putting together the details of our first event, scheduled for 2015; we're appraching Partners, contacting Speakers and connecting with people, like you, who want to help us achieve a TEDx event with community and local change at it's heart.

Tracey Habron TEDxSpringStreet, Melbourne Licensee Tracey Habron TEDxSpringStreet Melbourne Licensee with Lynne Farell and Dhe Naidoo, TEDxSpringStrteet team members in Melbourne TEDxSpringStreet's Adam O'Donnell and Rebecca Jackson greet attendees at TEDxSpringStreet's Melbourne launch party Tracey Habron TEDxSpringStreet Melbourne Licensee, talks to launch party attendees Dhe Naido from Melbourne's TEDxSpringStreet in discussion Tracey Habron TEDxSpringStreet Licensee discusses Melbourne's newest TEDx Adam O'Donnell and Mark Russell Dean discuss the launch of TEDxSpringStreet in Melbourne The team at TEDxSpringStreet, Melbourne's newest TEDx

Published 1 September 2014

This is TEDxSpringStreet

Some of the best endeavours start in a front room. Our first meeting took place in one—late autumn, Melbourne evening. We were met with a hug and warm greeting from Tracey Habron, our licensee. All our meetings will start this way.

Twelve of us talked about what we wanted and expected from TEDxSpringStreet. All of us, but one, had worked with other TEDx's. We've seen "TED-like" interpreted in a number of ways—from big, bold and brash spectacles to quiet, personable and humble gatherings. We knew what we liked and came together because we saw TEDx as the same thing. TEDx is not a passive activity; we feel TED-like should lead conversation and community.

This is us at the start of our journey. We don't know where this new venture will take us or quite how it will look in a month or a year, or longer. We don't know because you are part of shaping what TEDxSpringStreet will become. Your ideas, actions and efforts will make a difference. 

Conversation is the key to a TED-like experience and sharing conversation is nothing without a community. Volunteer for us. Partner with us. Talk at an event.

Images of our first meeting by the excellent and wonderful Andrew Bibby. Andrew gave up his time at short notice to come and document the meeting and we'd like to thank him for that. Andrew can be found at and @bibbyphoto

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